jobs are different now

Full-time employees are just a small portion of the workforce.Read more.

too much paperwork

Business owners must manage temporary and part-time workers, consultants and more.How?

because time is money

Let an expert PEO to do the work for you. New Vista Payment Management can help.Call us.

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) offer outsourced human resource management.

Businesses can cost-effectively process payroll, manage employee benefits, workers' compensation, payroll taxes and other human resource activities.


Why New Vista?

We've been in business for more than 30 years.

New Vista is an industry leader, providing quality services to both employers and their employees in an honest, timely, and ethical manner. We take care of our clients and their employees.


What does it cost?

We have affordable packages for every size and type of business.

Using New Vista is simple and efficient. We have no set-up fees, and we'll save you money by increasing your productivity.


Complete Payroll and Benefits Management

New Vista Payment Management is a full-service PEO, set up to act as the employer of record for your company.

We process all kinds of payroll, file all the necessary taxes and reports, manage benefits and claims.

We have offices in both California and Oregon and provide services anywhere in the United Sates. Call 1-800-225-9934 for a free consultation.

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Companies We Serve

Hollywood employs a cast of thousands for their films, so it makes sense that many production companies call New Vista to pay them.
Managing a nursery school is not child's play. Extra precautions must be paid hiring part-time workers. New Vista provides the grown-up solution.
Finding temporary employees work as stage hands is a chore in itself. After the party is over, New Vista handles the payroll for several event management firms on the West Coast.
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